Mr. McBeef (roasty_mcbeef) wrote in transseattle,
Mr. McBeef

getting rid of full sharps container

Hey all, I live in the u-district and am having a really hard time finding a pharmacy that will accept full sharps containers.  I had no problem finding a new one to buy but none of the pharmacies in the area seem to want my full one.  To all of you on injectable hormones, where do you take your full sharps containers?

Thanks in advance.
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I take mine to Lifelong Aids Alliance on Capitol Hill - they have a needle exchange program. You can find a list of other needle exchange places in Seattle here:
I take mine to bartell. They charge a small fee but they always take it. I usually buy my sharp container there too, and pay the fee ahead of time and they just put a little sticker barcode on the lid so they know I've paid ahead of of time.
Also, many of the Public Health Centers will take them, too. Not all, but many. I think I found this info on their website...and I take mine to the White Center Public Health Center.
Its my understanding that hospitals get grant money for accepting used needles.
from king county's site:
Home-generated syringes and needles must be disposed of in one of the following ways:

* In King County, sharps, including syringes clipped with a needle, can be disposed of in the garbage if the sharps are placed in a puncture resistant container such as a 2 liter PET pop bottle, with a tight fitting or taped lid and labeled "SHARPS, DO NOT RECYCLE."
* In the City of Seattle, no syringes or sharps, even if clipped, can be disposed of in the garbage. They should be placed in a puncture resistant container with a tight fitting lid, labeled "SHARPS, DO NOT RECYCLE" and taken to the North or South Transfer station and placed in the collection bin for disposal.

I thought the DOH had a sharps disposal program of some kind. Not sure though. You could prolly call.