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DATE: November 18th 6pm-9:00pm


Ravenna United Methodist Church

5751 33rd Ave. NE Seattle, WA 98105

[corner of NE 60th St and 33rd Ave NE]



6pm - "Naming Jennifer" - a documentary film by Scott Rice and Steven Lane

7:15pm, Peterson Toscano's play Transfigurations

8:30pm Candlelight vigil and the reading of the names of those lost this year to anti-gender variant violence.

See the Background info for information on each activity.



              Ravenna UMC will again host an observance of Transgender Day of Remembrance this year on Tuesday evening November 18th.starting at 6pm 

Background on "Naming Jennifer":

              "Naming Jennifer" is a documentary film by Scott Rice and Steven Lane about a Missoula, MT transgendered woman who died a brutal death, the questions surrounding her death, and the intolerance of the local law enforcement community to in refusing to investigate the death. The very loving and sometimes confused story of Jennifer's life is told through interviews with Jennifer's family and friends. Also interviewed are the Police and the District Attorney where the attitudes toward the transgendered community are all too evident. This is going to be one of the more moving films you will see this year. The producers Scott Rice and Steven Lane will be in attendance to answer questions afterward.

Background on Peterson Toscano's play "Transfigurations":

              . This year, Ravenna is also bringing in Peterson Toscano to present his play "Transfigurations" followed by the candlelight vigil. Peterson, a gay man, has written a number of plays including "Doin' Time In The Homo No Mo' Halfway House" about his experiences in the Ex-gay movement, "Footprints," "The Re-Education of George W. Bush--No President Left Behind" and now "Transfigurations."

              Transfigurations is a play written and performed by Peterson Toscano. "In this one-person play, theatrical performance activist, Peterson Toscano, unearths transgender Bible characters--those people who do not fit in the gender binary, and who in transgressing and transcending gender, find themselves at the center of some the Bible's most important stories." 

              "Peterson has been featured in the US Media including The New York Times, People Magazine, the Montel Williams Show, Public Radio International, Logo TV, and The Tyra Banks Show. Peterson has also presented his work internationally in Canada, Cameroon, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, England and Wales. He is featured in German and Swedish Wikipedia and has been interviewed on radio and Television in Europe and the UK.**"

              To many, the rise in visibility of the transgender community starting with the Compton Cafeteria riot in August 1966 in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco and with Silvia Rivera starting the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969, has sometimes made people think that transgender people are a new and modern phenomena. Quite to the contrary, gender variant people have existed throughout all of recorded history. The temple of Artemis on the steps of which Paul often preached was led by transgender priests. Eunuchs of various types (eunuch being in the Bible anyone who did not marry) have played key roles in the Old and New Testaments. They are spoken of in Isaiah 56, Matthew 19, and Acts 8, and so have been with us for all of recorded history, yet most people know little or nothing of the transpeople within their own communities.

Background on Transgender Day of Remembrance and the candlelight vigil:

This general information is available on

              "The Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. The event is held in November to honor Rita Hester, whose murder on November 28th, 1998 kicked off the “Remembering Our Dead” web project and a San Francisco candlelight vigil in 1999. Rita Hester’s murder — like most anti-transgender murder cases — has yet to be solved. Although not every person represented during the Day of Remembrance self-identified as transgendered — that is, as a transsexual, crossdresser, or otherwise gender-variant — each was a victim of violence based on bias against transgendered people.

              The Transgender Day of Remembrance serves several purposes. It raises public awareness of hate crimes against transgendered people, an action that current media doesn’t perform. Day of Remembrance publicly mourns and honors the lives of our brothers and sisters who might otherwise be forgotten. Through the vigil, we express love and respect for our people in the face of national indifference and hatred. Day of Remembrance reminds non-transgendered people that we are their sons, daughters, parents, friends and lovers. Day of Remembrance gives our allies a chance to step forward with us and stand in vigil, memorializing those of us who’ve died by anti-transgender violence.". 

              The Seattle observance of Transgender Day of Remembrance has been held almost as long as the San Francisco one where it started. In the early years it was largely a private ceremony within the transgendered community of Seattle and Washington State. In recent years the event has continued to grow in attendance and size both here in Seattle and worldwide. Held usually only by and for the transgender community, Ravenna UMC this year would like to invite all the allies and would be allies of the transgender community to gather with us to mark this solemn occasion and stand in unity against the violence perpetrated against the trans community. This is your opportunity to take a stand supporting some of the most alienated and oppressed in our society. Please join us.

              The event is free, but if you would like to donate, there will be donation baskets at the event. All proceeds from donations at this event go to support Ravenna UMC's hosting of this event this year and for next year.

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