Kai (xkeibex) wrote in transseattle,


Hey all, I'm moving from Cincinnati in three weeks and my housing situation fell through about two weeks ago (after signing a lease no less--long story). I will be going to UW, but don't really care about being super close as I'll be in a doctoral program and don't need to show up every single day. I'd like to be close-ish, but really safety is most important to me as I don't pass. Most people probably wouldn't assume I was trans, but still, I'd hate to end up in an area I felt really uncomfortable in. I have been looking at Capitol Hill, because it's the only area with lots of apartments listed on craigslist, and also the only area I was in when I visited (besides at UW). I might have found somewhere on Boren, called the Embassy I think. Trying to move without being there sucks, especially since I don't know anyone and am leaving my family behind since we don't have enough money for us all to move. I'm feeling highly stressed and thought perhaps if anyone knows something/somewhere I should look at instead, or if this is a bad idea, that'd be great. I don't need much space, since I'm shipping my things, so really it's all about safety at this point. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!
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