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SHE: A New Women's Party

She: A new party for all self-identifying women because womanhood doesn't hinge on a letter.
A New Party For All Women

Join us every third Friday of the month as She redefines the concept of women's parties at the Center. We welcome all CSPC members and guests who identify as women. If you prefer people to use feminine pronouns to address you then you are welcome at SHE. Let our Party Hosts, EC, and volunteers present an evening that is inviting, comfortable, and satisfying. Come help us make SHE an amazing experience!

Free social 8pm-8:45pm, party 9 pm to 2 am

Chocolate is optional.

"SHE" addresses a problem that exists with the current Women's Event: Trangendered women whose ID does not have a F for the gender marker are forbidden from partaking in, and contributing to, the women's space the Women's Event represents.

By introducing a play party which is open to all self-identifying women who agree to respect women's space, we hope to provide an answer to this problem. We feel that enforcing the need to respect the women's space may make it easier to police that space. If this admission policy proves workable, which we believe it will, the policy can be applied to the existing Women's Event, making it more inclusive.

If you have any questions about SHE, please take a few moments to review our Frequently Asked Questions.

SHE: A New Party For All Women

Frequently Ask Questions


Q. Who can come to the party?

This party is for cisgendered women and transgendered women whose gender identity is female. The party was named after the female pronoun for a reason. In short, if you prefer to be referred to with the feminine pronouns, "she" and "her", then you are invited to attend. If your preference is for the masculine pronouns, "he" and "him", then we ask that you do not attend. This applies to both cisgendered and transgendered men.


Q. Will crossdressers be allowed at the party?

In the spirit of understanding, we define a crossdresser as an individual who wears the clothing the opposite gender, but does not identify as that gender.


Using that definition male crossdressers who wear women's clothing and prefer masculine pronouns are not invited to SHE, but female crossdressers who wear male clothing and prefer the feminine pronouns are welcome.


Q. Will butch women be allowed at the party?

Absolutely, butch women are allowed to attend. The defining factor whether someone is allowed in or not all depends on whether they see themselves as a woman. Even if she is wearing clothing that makes her presentation of gender ambiguous or is wearing men's clothing, if she identifies as a women, she is invited.


Q. Will female-to-male transgender individuals be allowed at the party?

If the individual does not identify as a woman, then that person is not invited to SHE. SHE is a party for women.


Q. What does cisgendered mean anyway?

The prefix "cis", with a soft "c", has its roots in Latin and means "on the same side as". Conversely, the prefix "trans" means "across from". The word cisgendered refers to an individual whose gender identity matches their assigned birth sex. Transgender is a label used to indicate that someone's gender identify does not match his or her assigned birth sex.


Q. What kind of party is this?

It's a fun party. That's not the answer you're looking for, huh? Okay, beyond having an inclusive women's space, the feel of the party is evolving as we speak. To that end, we've adopted the idea of different themes for the parties. For the first party, the theme is "Sugar and Spice", referring to the sensual and kinky acts that we are capable of and delight in exploring. Some future themes that have been suggested include "A Goddess A Month", "Tastings", and "Sensations!". If there's something you'd like to see, drop us a line on FetLife or on CenterSpace.


Q. This sounds cool! How can I help?

There are volunteer slots that we need to fill or take a look at the CSPC_She group on Fetlife or the SHE group on CenterSpace, sometimes we'll post things that we need a volunteer for. In the end, we'd like to build out a full team to help run the event from month to month including advertising, setup, food crew, floor staff, etc. I'm sure the idea of what kinds of roles we need on the team will continue to evolve as the party grows.


Q. Where and when is this party being held?

SHE is held every third Friday from 9pm to 2am, at the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle, Washington. For more information about the Center for Sex Positive Culture, please see the website.

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